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Our philosophy

The philosophy of HERRERA advocats is based on three priorities: quality, relationship of trust and efficacy.

Quality is the result of the best academic training combined with rigour in both assessment and taking of decisions and, last but not least, the juridical and cost-effective vocation of our professional staff.

Relationship of trust is established over a period of time, thanks to the constant adaptation of our resources to the needs of our clients and to the search of a specific solution to each particular situation. In a professional, though warm and personal, atmosphere, we carefully study the objectives, options and priorities of each person or company who requests our services.

Efficacy in the achievement of results is obtained through work well done. Success is our guide always – be it, when negotiating, when designing or drawing up contracts/other legal documents, or specifically when litigating in the defence of legal demands. Our results are statistically very positive and we try every year to surpass these. Each problem is regarded as a challenge; each issue, as an opportunity for professional growth.